Website, Software Maintenance and Enhancement Support

Website should reflect the latest developments and progress of your company. With time the best of websites fall short in meeting the current business and online needs of the company. Smartech offers reliable website maintenance and up gradation services to its customers. We ensure timely updates to information on the website, changes in web pages, addition of new features and services. This leaves you free to focus on your core business while we take care of all your web and software related requirements

Companies use multiple specialized softwares for their various needs. We offer services to import data from legacy software to our ERP. We also help export data from our ERP to your specialized softwares to prevent data errors and reduce data entry.

Case Study: A leading producer of plastic processing machinery uses SAP for their material procurement, sales and accounting requirements. The client maintains an inventory of over 150,000 components for various models and options offered to clients. Our MachineERP was found to be better suited for design and drawing, engineering, design change management and other needs. We have built a seamless bridge for flow of data into SAP to enable error free procurement and further processing.