The methodology listed below is the broad guideline that we follow ensure timely and systematic offshore software development. We adapt the methods to suit the project complexity and client requirements.

Define Project Objectives

  • Business Purpose and Objective statement from client
  • Project Dictionary: Glossary of words and phrases unique to the project to help in communication
  • Detailed Project specifications:
  • Decision on OS, backend, development technologies, browser and screen resolution
  • List required documentation

Commercial Approval

  • Provide time and cost estimates to client
  • Await commercial approval from client

Documentation & Planning

  • Receive detailed user requirements document from the client
  • Functionality statement: This translates the user requirements and defines the specific functionalities to be covered in the application / website. This will form the base for detailed system design and development as listed below
  • Low Fidelity Prototyping (LFP): A paper and pencil or graphic representation of the user interfaces with details of required validation
  • Data model and relationship diagram
  • Process flow diagram for back end processes is prepared for complex processes. This will depict the transformation of data as it logistically traverses the users and the applications
  • We offer our clients templates for approval of design, layout and formatting
  • Conduct usability study
  • Collect use cases and test scenarios from client
  • Submission of milestone document
  • Finalize hardware and network configuration and flow of data


  • Start development
  • Submit weekly progress vs. milestone document
  • Hold scheduled online-chats, meetings to review the projects
  • Submit required documentation at predetermined intervals
  • Submit QA reports at regular intervals